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MVCForum V1.7 Released

Thursday, April 26, 2018

This is a huge release for me, a lot of days/months worth of work. There are breaking changes from v1.6 to v1.7 which include moving to Entity Framework Migrations.

The support forum is running v1.7 too


List of changes

  • Overall Improved Performance/Speed
  • Fixed a TON of long standing bugs
  • Updated missing language strings
  • Improved Permissions
  • Added Caching per role for side widgets
  • Scrub Member now works properly
  • Changed all base urls
  • Updated Nuget dependencies to latest versions
  • Moved to Entity Framework Code First Migrations
  • Removed the need for the old installer
  • Added new Auto Nuget package creator
  • Updated CachingService (Not full used yet)
  • Show amount of votes next to poll
  • Close poll after X days feature
  • Tested and working in SQLCE
  • Added OpenGraph and Twitter meta tags
  • Updated default Metro theme (Inc Mobile)
  • Moved styles to SCSS
  • Added new Badges
  • Added Microsoft Social Login
  • Updated Badge Icons
  • Completely re-vamped Admin section
  • Custom TinyMCE upload and insert images inline editor
  • Custom Global Permission for added images inline
  • Re-jigged create topic page
  • Custom Header / Footer scripts (Can now add custom scripts / styles directly from admin)
  • Added new Events
  • Single Sign On example concept
  • Auto complete on Tags and ability to move topics between tags
  • Admins can mark any post as solution
  • Can now undo a like/dislike (Vote up/Vote Down)
  • Reworked points to be more robust and associate data on where the points came from
  • Mark as solution reminder - Runs on a Task and reminds people via email
  • Reworked forgot password completely to be token/guid based
  • Private messages re-vamped and slide out in side panel
  • Block problem users from messaging you
  • Batch Delete Old Private Messages
  • Category level hierarchy added
  • Online status for people online
  • Improved Search
  • Auto Html fixing for posts and topics
  • Edited Posts / Topics in moderated Category need to be authorised
  • Updated Akisment to mark potential spam as pending, and not just delete
  • Added PM and post body into email notification
  • Allow users to disable email notifications
  • Fixed Facebook and Google logins
  • Added Emoticons (Smilies)
  • New Ban Member Option