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MVCForum v1.6 Released

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Download from GitHub


This version has a lot of breaking changes from previous versions and a ton of new features and fixes.

  • New responsive base theme (Running on latest bootstrap)
  • New responsive admin theme
  • Category colours and image uploads
  • Favourites
  • Global Permissions (Not just restricted to a category)
  • Complete new email sending system (Running on a task)
  • Constants moved to AppSettings
  • Spam stop words
  • Auto embedding for YouTube, Vimeo and Instagram
  • DotNetAuth removed and SkyBrud social added for easier social logins
  • Private Messages revamped to be more like whatsapp style messaging
  • Localisation for Badges and new badges added
  • Removed fixed Moderator role (No longer needed now we have Global permissions)
  • Scrub Spammer feature (Clears everything on a user, posts, profile, points etc....)
  • Create topic now dynamic and checks permissions
  • Attach files on create topic
  • TinyMce now default editor with a custom skin
  • Removed Lucene completely (May return in later versions)
  • Revamped the search to work better and display posts
  • Updated to latest MVC and other dependencies from Nuget
  • Removed lots of legacy code and projects which were no longer used
  • LOADS of bug and minor fixes