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MVCForum v1.5 Released

Thursday, May 24, 2018

We have finally released v1.5 of MVCForum - You can download the binaries and source from Codeplex


Quite a bit of time went into this version, and there were a lot of changes. The list below highlights some of the main ones. As always, if you have any questions or queries please use our support forum.

  • Loads of bug fixes
  • Upgraded to MVC5 and EF6.1
  • New second level caching provider
  • Moderate Topics & Posts (Optional)
  • Updated editors (TinyMCE, Markdown, BBCode) and made it easier to swap them
  • Screenr Embedding into posts
  • Sent and received messages now seperate
  • All Repos, Services, Models, Interfaces, ViewModels made partial for easier extending
  • Install SQL changed to work on Azure
  • Installer updated to make it more robust and more useful error messages
  • Category Page Title, Meta Description and HTML Editor for description added
  • Points awarded for badges
  • Language Selector (Change front end language)
  • Badges split into own badges/dll's - So you can remove specific badges
  • 3 new badges added (The Grough, Padawan, Thousand Pointer)
  • Breadcrumb Navigation and Category Paths added
  • Updated Category admin page to make it easier to use
  • Page Title & Meta Description added to Forum home page
  • Quote button added
  • OG Meta tags / Twitter card tags added
  • Optional show latest posts OR/And full category list on home page (Just uncomment)
  • Members can now upload new Avatars instead of just using Gravatar
  • Views are now bundled with Themes, no more default views
  • Google XML Sitemap
  • Two language packs added (German & Persian)
  • Updated social sharing buttons on topics

We look forward to all feedback. Thanks.