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What's New In v1.3

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Its been a long time in the coming, but we have finally shipped v1.3. And I have to say we are pretty proud of this version, as its been the most tested and bug fixed version to date.

There were so many changes in v1.3 it's been hard to keep track. But due to some of the changes, this version doesn't have an auto upgrade path like v1.1 to v1.2 had. The installer had a massive rewrite to which made the auto upgrade difficult, as well as a lot of changes to the database and config files.

However, as always you can manually upgrade. We keep track of all changes made in the following file in the solution (Just scroll down to v1.3) Database > VersionDbChanges.txt.

Here's a list of most of the changes

  • Loads of bug fixes & UI tweaks
  • Installer rewrite
  • Import language rewrite, now auto updates and inserts via a CSV
  • File attachments to posts
  • New permissions (Create topic, Upload Files)
  • New social logins (Twitter, Google & Yahoo)
  • Disable options on a per user basis
  • Banned Word filter
  • Bootstrap Syntax highlighting
  • Ajax show more comments
  • Sort comments (Standard, Newest & Highest Voted)
  • Choice of editors (RTE's) OOTB - MarkDown, TinyMCE & BBEditor
  • Banned Emails/Domains
  • Updated Themes & Mobile styles/layout
  • Updated mobile/tablet targeting
  • Who's online
  • Batch delete members
  • Batch move topics
  • Updated design/code for email notification template
  • Email notification for private messages
  • New show positive and negative for post points (On click)
  • StackOverFlow inspired 'Questions that may already have your answer'
  • Suspend registration of new members
  • Polls updated and improved
  • New permanent Moderator role, moderators can ban members and delete posts etc…
  • And loads of other minor changes based of everyone's feedback….