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MVCForum v1.4 Released

Thursday, May 24, 2018

I'm happy to say we have finally released v1.4 of MVCforum. A lot of time and effort has gone into this release to try and make the forums even more usable, and also fix all the bugs that were reported. Any feedback is very welcome.

Codeplex download

Application: https://themvcforum.codeplex.com

Source: https://themvcforum.codeplex.com/SourceControl/list/changesets

Web Platform Installer

Submitted - Awaiting them to publish it (Probably a couple of days)

In this release we concentrated on the following:

  • Responsive Layouts - No more dedicated mobile themes * just responsive themes using Bootstrap.
  • Admin Updated - Updated UI and 95% responsive, ran out of time to finish a few pages.
  • New Dark Theme & Jungle Theme (Now comes with 4 different themes OOTB)
  • IP address stored per post and displayed to admins
  • Option to have Email confirmation on register option (Member has to click a link in email to confirm account)
  • Google login to use username instead of email for forum username
  • Social media shares to topics added
  • Easier to message other members
  • Canonical Tags added to topics for SEO
  • Updated Markdown Editor
  • Main website update (Coming in the next week)
  • Updated installer and upgrader - Hopefully handle errors better and give users more information
  • Loads of minor bug fixes and UI enhancements

* = Although one little gem is a custom class on the body tag. If its a desktop machine the body tag will have a class of 'desktop' and if it's a mobile device it will have a class of 'mobile' so you can still make specific changes purely for a mobile device whatever the screen size.

Dark Theme


Jungle Theme