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MVCForum v1.5 Released

We have finally released v1.5 of MVCForum - You can download the binaries and source from Codeplex https://themvcforum.codepl...

MVCForum v1.4 Released

I'm happy to say we have finally released v1.4 of MVCforum. A lot of time and effort has gone into this release to try and m...

What's New In v1.3

Its been a long time in the coming, but we have finally shipped v1.3. And I have to say we are pretty proud of this version,...

Latest from the forum

Looking for a basic installation overview

Hi.  If the basic installation overview is here somewhere obvious about downloading and installing the package i apologize...

Are there any plans for official MySQL support?

MS SQL Server is just too expensive.

Problem installing v1.50 and one feature request

Hi,   Trying to install version 1.5 but brings me back to the install page every time. After the tables are installed, I...

MVCForum In The Wild

A handful of examples of real people/companies, using MVCforum in the wild.

ASP.NET MVC Forum Software

Help Support MVCForum

We decided to develop the official MVCForum it was because there were no seriously developed ASP.NET MVC forums around, and wanted something that would be easy to extend and had similar features to that of StackOverFlow.

The goal of the project is to make an easily customisable, scalable and easy to run community. This is a new open source project and still in its infancy, but we hope to keep adding and improving it over the coming months. We also love to hear feedback, good and bad so please let us know what you think and how we can improve anything.

MVCForum is developed using MVC 5, Entity Framework v6.1 and Unity. We have tried to develop the project so you can easily swap out dataproviders and also the membership provider, but welcome any suggestions to improve the application or any other features you may want.

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Language String Tips

In this video I show you some tips and tricks on creating a new language pack in a couple of minutes. Also how to easily and quickly update existing language strings and add new keys.

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